DIY Tabletop Photobooth

jumpfroggy has his own version of the DIY photobooth up at instructables:

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Mrs. Bee’s DIY Photobooth Party

Mrs. Bee setup a DIY photobooth party at her apartment in NYC and posted some of the pics.  The fabrics are a nice touch.  Looks like they fit a ton of people in each shot, too.

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DixieDIY’s Photobooth Scrapbook Page

DixieDiy made an elaborate but great-looking scrapbook page for her photostrip.  It looks great.  This one was done after the fact – it’s pretty difficult to get this creative when you’re pasting things together at the reception itself.

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Dean & Verity’s Vintage Wedding

The pictures on this blog post are pretty amazing, and there was a *ton* of though put towards the theme and decor of this reception.  Amazing.

They managed to incorporate a DIY photobooth into the reception, and it looks like the pics came out awesome.

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Create a Photostrip Magnet without a Photobooth

Over at soyoureengayged, Nicole made a DIY mock-photostrip magnet without using a photobooth – just a few pictures of her and some photoshop editing.   Add some sticky magnets and you’re done.

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A Powerpuff-Girls Themed DIY Photobooth

Kathleen setup a DIY photobooth for her friend’s daughter’s birthday party, using just a webcam and a laptop.  Looks like the kids had a ton of fun.

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Photo Frame DIY Photobooth Backdrop – Woodland First Birthday

Fun woodland-themed birthday party with a DIY photobooth, and an awesome picture-frame style backdrop.  Instructions for the backdrop are here, and the results are here:

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Portable PVC pipe & fabric photobooth @ instructables

Over at, there’s a great writeup of a portable PVC pipe & fabric photobooth:

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Instructions: PVC Pipe and Sheet Photo Backdrop

Over at Project Wedding, a user posted instructions how to build your own backdrop out of PVC pipe and a sheet.  Check them out here:

Read more at Project Wedding.

A Mountain Bride Builds Her Own Photo Frame

Over at the “A Mountain Bride” blog, Tiffany shows how she built a photo-frame wall for her wedding.  She has a few pics of the build process, and it came out looking great.  Check out more here:

Read more at A Mountain Bride.